Sixth Excerpt from “ The Making of a Barrel of Wine ”


My work is essentially done.

I have made the wine, with the guidance and support of experienced and passionate wine people who have bought in to my personal project; and I have learned much about winemaking, during which time the generosity and willingness of the people around me to share their knowledge and their time has been a humbling experience. The wine now rests in bottle and the ageing process continues on. I am confident that it will not let me down and that those fortunate enough to secure a bottle will derive much enjoyment from drinking it, and from sharing the experience with others.

A universal toast to you all!

À votre santé!            (French)

Salute! / Cin cin! (Italian)

Salud! (Spanish)

Zum Wohl! (German)

Skal! (Swedish)

Manuia! (Samoan)

Oogy wawa! (Zulu)

Cheers! (English)


Bob Campbell MW reviewed the wine in May 2013 on his website as follows:

***** |  95/100

“Only 275 bottles of this wine were produced using a single 225 litre barrique. About one-tenth of the grapes were fermented as whole clusters to introduce extra complexity and perhaps longevity. The wine already has a notable perfume of berry and spice that may be partly attributed to the whole bunch fraction. An elegant rather blockbuster style that I find very appealing.Nicely layered with red cherry, violets and subtle spice flavours. A lengthy finish impresses. A wine with terrific potential that is easy to appreciate now.”

Joelle Thomson, Editor of Drinksbiz magazine in the October/November 2014 issue describes the 2012 Glasnevin ‘ Le Notaire ‘ Pinot Noir as ” a full bodied, intensely satisfying Pinot – one of the best from the South Island tried this year “.

This outstanding wine and the delightful companion book ‘The Making of a Barrel of Wine’ can be purchased at the special price of $75 ( delivery included ) by ordering direct from

I have now completed this series of excerpts. My next post will be a general comment on certain wine label descriptives I have come across of recent times.