Wine Reviews – Across The Ditch

I recently received a complimentary copy of a well – known Australian wine buying guide in which a Pinot Noir tasting is featured. The wines, from NZ and Australian producers, were considered in different price categories starting at under $20 through to $100+ per bottle. The judging panel comprised 5 Australian wine industry people.

The reviews were generally well-considered and well-written. There were some real ‘ howlers ‘ though – particularly at the $25 to $40 price point levels. Expressions such as:

“smells like a pinot  – raspberry palate is fresh and pretty with oak sitting on top “.

Another descriptive was, ” A pretty wine in a rich way ———–”

Another, ” Pleasant, nice looking  ———- ”

Really, come on digger!

Such comments fall well short of expected standards, certainly on this side of the ditch. You need only to look at Michael Cooper’s reviews to know the benchmark.



( a.k.a. Le Vigneron )

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