A Celebration of Wine

When consumed in moderation and enjoyed with food, wine enhances the occasion and helps to make us happy. It helps us to celebrate the essence of life. In most European countries wine is an essential component of any meal. It is part of their culture. We need the same sophisticated approach to wine in New Zealand. This requires increased education around responsible drinking and more emphasis on wine and food matching. To that end, glass pours in a restaurant should be a given.

Some of the scriptures where alcohol is discussed in positive terms provide guidance in such matters: reference Ecclesiastes 9.7 ( ” Drink wine with a merry heart ” ) and Psalm 104.14-15 where wine ” makes glad the heart of man. ” What the Bible does condemn is drunkenness and its effects due to consuming alcohol. Alcohol is not, in and of itself, tainted by sin. It is drunkenness and addiction to alcohol that a Christian is urged to refrain from.

With the predominance of screw-caps as the preferred wine bottle closure in New Zealand, our wines can sometimes present as reductive on the nose and the palate: they need a little more oxygen once opened to allow the aroma and flavours to fully express themselves. Pouring the wine into a jug or decanter allows the wine to breath and open up before being consumed.


BARRY JOHNS  ( aka Le Vigneron )

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