I am currently working on two writing projects: a novel and a piece of non-fiction. Away from my writing, I am now attending art classes and have completed some fifteen works to date – all in acrylic paints. From time to time I will post images of selected works for your viewing and comment. I start with one of my recently completed abstract pieces – canvas size 18 x 18 inches which I have titled ‘Three in One’.

Three in One

As with writing, I find painting to be totally absorbing, challenging, but at the same time stimulating and fulfilling. Both involve focus and application to the task at hand, discipline and the ability to work alone. The rewards are there for the taking.

With painting you begin to see the world around you in a different light. You are more aware of colour, form, light and shade and mood. You are constantly seeking out new subjects to paint and challenging yourself as you seek to develop your own style. I love it!


BARRY JOHNS ( Le Vigneron )