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All the best for 2016.

I present another of my recent paintings – acrylic on canvas 24 inches x 18 inches- titled  Light and Movement

Light & Movement

The first term of art classes for me in 2016 started on 1 February. I am looking forward to working with oils and developing my skills and knowledge.I understand that the painting process with oils is slower than with acrylics due to the longer drying time required between coats. On the other hand, oils lend themselves to using heavier applications of paint; use of a palette knife instead of a brush to create texture and interest, and give more vibrancy of colour than do acrylics. I will embrace the opportunity presented to me.

Another aspect of painting is knowing when the particular work is finished. It is very easy to take it too far and lose it. With writing, the skill is knowing what to leave out. These are the challenges I am learning to confront as I grow both as a painter and a writer.


BARRY JOHNS  ( aka Le Vigneron )

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