Ninth Excerpt – Winegrower

We also trialled selected sonic bird-scaring equipment sourced through a cousin of Jennie’s, Andi Flower, based in Australia, representing an American manufacturer, again without any significant success. The product was branded under the name Bird Guard. The issues were mainly around setting up the system, installation of speakers, maintenance of batteries, controlling the bird callsContinue reading “Ninth Excerpt – Winegrower”


I have, of recent times, had cause to have dealings with two different women involved at executive level in the wine industry. One is employed by a retail liquor chain based in Auckland; the other a manager of an off-shore liquor outlet in the South Pacific. The parallel outcomes have been disappointing, to say theContinue reading “Bitches”

Sixth Excerpt – Winegrower

                                                Pro-Bono Activities   In March of 1993 I was appointed the honorary solicitor to the Canterbury Grape Growers’ Association. At that time the Association was a loose grouping of wine growers in the wider Canterbury area. My initial role was to advise and make recommendations concerning registration as an incorporated society and to layContinue reading “Sixth Excerpt – Winegrower”