OOGY WAWA represents the work of BARRY JOHNS, a Christchurch based artist. His paintings are essentially abstract in style – acrylic on canvas. He is focused on developing his own style and character – all the time being true to self. OOGY WAWA has been chosen to reflect Barry’s long association with the wine industry. It is the Zulu term for ‘ Cheers ‘.

I consider that abstract art holds an infinite number of possibilities: the pure play of colour, form and texture, freed from the compulsion of being something other than it really is.
It is the presence of the work itself which counts. Colour is a strong focus for me. I believe that colour can have a reality in itself, a life of its own.

Once I start painting I like to keep going and to maintain a good rhythm. I like to feel loose and in control of the process.
Each work represents an idea to be understood and accepted or put aside. My personality and imagination underpin this creative process. I create the work – it is for the viewer to interpret it. I invite the viewer to engage with my individual works with an open mind and an open heart.

Barry Johns